Javascript: calling asynchronously-initialized libraries from synchronous code

With the power of await, this isn't so difficult: let nacl, scrypt; function main() { /* Synchronous code that calls nacl and scrypt */ } (async () => { [nacl, scrypt] = await Promise.all([new Promise(nacl_factory.instantiate), new Promise(scrypt_module_factory)]); return main(); })();

Auto-updating userscripts hosted on Github Gist

In the process of crafting this small set of improvements to Advance Wars By Web, I found out about the proper URL for auto-updating userscripts which are hosted on Microsoft's "Gist" service: // @updateURL������/����������������/raw/�����.user.js This will always redirect to the latest version of the file.

Python: Using XOFs for general-purpose Random

As always, one's own stack overflow answers make the best blog posts. In this case, we craft a version of random.Random with a few modifications: Pulls its data from an arbitrary stream (in our case, a DRBG such as a hash function or deterministic CSPRNG) Wastes noticeably fewer bits when generating random integers Has fixed code for .shuffle, on the offchance CPython ever changes theirs, and to make it …

WordPress: Restrict MathJax to a class

I write on a variety of topics, only some of which it's appropriate to have mathematical typesetting for. To avoid triggering a math rendering engine on unrelated use of $purious dollar sign$, while activating it when $\text{necessary}\wedge\text{appropriate}$, I decided to restrict them to only elements with .language-mathjax. Here's how that's done (for v3): MathJax = { tex: { inlineMath: [ ['$', '$'] ] }, startup: { elements: ['.language-mathjax'] } …