Switching to Picom (Compton) on the MATE desktop

You may have read some convoluted (and outdated—Compton was abandoned in 2017) tutorials on the matter like MakeTechEasier's, or perused the excellent Arch Wiki article's page on it to some despair, but if you are just a layperson who installed the MATE desktop for e.g. Ubuntu 20.04 (Fossa) and wants a slightly faster (i.e. GPU-accelerated) environment, there is a workaround that doesn't take too long to set up: …

Javascript: calling asynchronously-initialized libraries from synchronous code

With the power of await, this isn't so difficult: let nacl, scrypt; function main() { /* Synchronous code that calls nacl and scrypt */ } (async () => { [nacl, scrypt] = await Promise.all([new Promise(nacl_factory.instantiate), new Promise(scrypt_module_factory)]); return main(); })();

Auto-updating userscripts hosted on Github Gist

In the process of crafting this small set of improvements to Advance Wars By Web, I found out about the proper URL for auto-updating userscripts which are hosted on Microsoft's "Gist" service: // @updateURL https://gist.githubusercontent.com/������/����������������/raw/�����.user.js This will always redirect to the latest version of the file.

WordPress: Restrict MathJax to a class

I write on a variety of topics, only some of which it's appropriate to have mathematical typesetting for. To avoid triggering a math rendering engine on unrelated use of $purious dollar sign$, while activating it when $\text{necessary}\wedge\text{appropriate}$, I decided to restrict them to only elements with .language-mathjax. Here's how that's done (for v3): MathJax = { tex: { inlineMath: [ ['$', '$'] ] }, startup: { elements: ['.language-mathjax'] } …