[DRAFT] Transcript: Lance Owens MD, “Jung, Tolkien, and the Hermeneutics of Vision”, 2015

“Jung, Tolkien and the Hermeneutics of Vision” Dr. Lance S. Owens 23 October 2015 California Institute of Integral Studies The Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness Forum Transcribed from youtube.com/video/GxVaxOco7kg and adapted for the web [PUNCTUATION, GRAMMAR, AND QUALITY PASSES STILL WIP] by James Edington in 2023 Opening Remarks (A shout out to my introduction speaker tonight, Becca; the stuff she has done on Jung, The Red Book, and Tolkien is …

Blanket anti-hacking laws

I am not a lawyer, much less a cyber lawyer, but I was recently wondering “are there any laws—especially federal ones—that cover just plain old Hacking per se?” Say someone breaks into your blog, maybe they look at your drafts, maybe they deface the front page… is that, in and of itself, a crime no matter where in the United States your attacker is? The answer is—Yes! 18 USC …

Transcript: Vanessa Vokey Livestream Jan '22

Archiving because I saw some online trolls trying to take down the video with a brigade of false reports; content not endorsed.

This post covers some highly sensitive material that will not be palatable to normal readers of my blog. Unless you are exceedingly bored and have popcorn prepared, or have (or care to have) a horse in the great "radfems vs transgenders" twitter race, you will not gain anything by reading this document.

[DRAFT] U.S. Obscenity Ban: Name & Blame

An 1873 federal bill to ban smut, abortion pamphlets, and sex toys was never found unconstitutional; instead, only the clauses that meaningfully impacted the ability of the American public to be sexually promiscuous were overturned, piecemeal, under the banner of "civil rights". I will attempt to give a breakdown (including partisan affiliation) of the people behind this bill's tortured history.