tldr: XYZ infrastructure is literally collapsing, they couldn't transfer in one of their own domains without a staff override.

  1. Initial transfer attempt
    • Namecheap e-mails me the “transfer Authorization Code”
    • web interface claims “Invalid EPP Code”
  2. I contact support
    • staff tells me“Please request a new EPP code from Namecheap”
  3. I contact Namecheap support via web chat
    • “I need a new EPP for my domain,; XYZ support told me to request a new one because the one I was sent was invalid.”
    • Namecheap: “For your convenience, I have generated a brand new Auth/EPP code and sent it to you.”
    • It, too, yields “Invalid EPP Code”
    • Namecheap: “As I've checked, the Auth code is valid.”
  4. I return to pester support
    • “I'm trying to transfer my domain from Namecheap, but their EPP codes don't seem to work. The latest one they sent me is …”
    • XYZ replies “Thank you for reaching out to the Support Team. I have manually created the order.”
      • They put a different domain on my account, and invoiced me for it.
      • I paid the invoice before noting their mistake 🤦
    • “I'm sorry, but on closer inspection, I was given the wrong domain. I'm trying to transfer in (the domain which is in my e-mail address and which I was trying to register in previous screenshots), but the domain that was just put on my account is”
    • “Apologies for the typo, I misread. I have created the order for the correct domain.”
    • I pay the (legitimate) invoice
    • Status: “Pending Transfer”… but also, disturbingly, still in my “Cart” on-site. And opening the cart reminds me that the EPP I've entered is still invalid.
    • After several days, it transfers over to GenXYZ!
  5. I return again to pester support, to request a refund
    • “When resolving support ticket #████, I was wrongly invoiced for this domain. I did not order this domain, and paying this invoice was a mistake on my part. Will you refund this? …, with an "o"; I did not order it; invoice #████ was unsolicited.”
    • After a few days, the refund arrives!

I have a creeping suspicion that they might be vulnerable to social-engineering attacks…

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