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Rabbi Aryeh Katzin: So we have an honor to have with us Dr. Zelenko and I would like to ask [the] Dr, please update us on your fight against COVID-19 and the latest experiences.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: Yeah, thank you again for having me and for the opportunity [to] share my experience [with] the public. So, in my community, the infection rates have dropped significantly, thank God, and we are now in the process of doing IgG antibody testing, because we want to establish proof of immunity, and also to get a better sense of how many people actually had the infection. A lot of the patients that came into my office were diagnosed clinically because of the poor nature of the PCR nasal swab test. But, now, we do want to take a look in retrospect and see to confirm that they actually had that infection, and, more importantly, to document that they're immune, so they could slowly reintegrate back into society, which is really the ultimate purpose. So that's being actively done, and I'm actively involved in publishing my work; God willing, it should be soon; I'm collaborating with two world-class researchers from Germany, who have a lot of experience publishing in the best journals in the world, and the idea here is to begin our counter-offensive against the forces of evil — and what I mean by that is: there's zero doubt that these medications work; there is almost no concern about the safety profile of these medications; and, yet, if you look at the media and you look at the information that is being fed… you know, Joseph Goebbels said… [Yiddish], he said: give me the media, and I can control a nation of pigs. And, in Russia, they used to say that the media is "useful idiots". So, what the ultimate, and the biggest, crime that's going on now is that there are certain forces that think that the American public are morons: that we cannot differentiate [between] what truth is and what lies are. So there's very bad people who are doing very bad things, and let me explain: there are drugs that have been developed, newer drugs, that are under patent, that cost thousands of dollars, and these drugs are being pushed by the medical community and by the politicians, to be used. The approach that I have developed, which has reduced death and hospitalizations by 95%, and [is] confirmed by data from France and Brazil, and now from Turkey — just today, they published their data: that there was a 96% decrease in death and hospitalizations — so there is a big problem for these companies that have invested billions of dollars, because if my approach is scaled nationally and globally, that takes away around 95% of their market share. Also, the President of the United States came out in support of these medications; this is a political hot issue. So, what's happening here is there are forces that are suppressing the truth — there are forces that are trying to fool the public — for two reasons: profit, and politics. The problem is, people are dying in the process. It's a horrific crime which is being perpetuated on the American public. So, whoever hears this, I plead with you: rise up (in a non-violent way), and make noise, and begin the grassroot protests, until our voices are heard, because the forces at play here have infinite resources and power — and we are simple people — but, the collective will of decent and moral human beings, and of goodness, will always win. So I plead with whoever is listening to join together and fight for freedom, because we are experiencing tyranny. When non-medical personnel, forces, come and limit what a doctor could do, and how a doctor could practice and heal his patient, due to politics and profit, that is tyranny. So, from my end, the counter-offensive, now, is to hijack their own language, hijack their own ways of communication, which is through the science, and through the publication of legitimate, solid, bulletproof data, so that there's objective truth, upon which… policy — solid policy — could be built upon.

K: I want to confirm that many of our viewers — I'm talking about the YouTube channel — there are hundreds of thousands of people; the first interview we had has, currently… 114 thousand views. And many of them were actually questioning the clinical studies, and some of them actually quoted the latest (I believe) Veteran Affairs research, or whatever the clinical study that they showed, and especially the news agencies that have spread the lies that this medication has no effect, but, even me — I'm not [a] doctor in any way; I know nothing about it — but I saw that they gave it to, basically, dying patients, and they did not follow your regimen: they did not include the Zinc.

Z: That's the least of the problems. They gave it to patients that were halfway already in the other world — like you said — they used toxic doses — it's very sneaky — they use it in a very narrow subset of very sick patients that have a huge mortality (chance of dying), and when the drugs, obviously, failed — which I could have told them that — then they came and said… they generalized to say "well, it obviously cannot work, anywhere, even for the 50 year old what has a fever and a cough in the doctor's office, and is not yet on the respirator". These are very carefully orchestrated and organized [attempts] to conceal the truth and to intimidate those people that know the truth and want to help humanity.

K: I can also testify from our experience, when my daughter got sick, we tried — and one of my friends' doctors, right — without me asking, he actually prescribed, called the pharmacy in Brooklyn, and the pharmacy gave my daughter medication: your [regimen] of three drugs. I developed some kind of symptoms, and he attempted to give this medication to me, as well, but, at that time (like a week later), the pharmacy refused. And no pharmacy in Brooklyn today, without the written… proof (or whatever it is), of the actual diagnosis of COVID-19, will even give it. And, in order for a person to (a) develop symptoms, and go (b) to take the test, and wait another 4 days… it may be too late.

Z: You know what's interesting? These same drugs are currently being used for lupus, and for rheumatoid arthritis, and for malaria prophylaxis. The same exact drugs, not even higher doses. And yet, there [are] no obstacles created for those patients to receive those drugs.

K: What I'm saying [is] to my surprise: in the last week since we spoke, the situation in Brooklyn, NY got worse. It means doctors are more restricted and pharmacies are more restricted to actually give these drugs to the patients.

Z: Do you understand what that means? [Do] you understand who [it's] restricting? That there are political forces and financial forces tying the hands of people that are trained in the art of medicine, and the tools and the instruments of healing are being taken away. By way of analogy, imagine a surgeon where they take away his scalpel. This is exactly what's going on. It's a crime.

K: So, I think that you're absolutely right, by combating them using their own language; and we really will be very grateful if your studies and collaboration with [the] German medical professionals will be published. I think the publication is really very important. I believe that we can also call upon our viewers; many of them are doctors. And, by the way, doctors from all over the world: …doctors from Pakistan, there were… people from Australia, from all over the world. I think it will be a great support if people will trade information, but we do need some kind of a study; I hope we'll see it soon.

Z: I'm working as hard as I can, and…

K: Anything we can do to help you?

Z: Pray. I have to tell you: I'm not a researcher, so I do need guidance, and, fortunately, these world-class researchers have guided me. So, I have a ton of data. I probably have the most important data in the world in my possession. The problem is that the first study that comes out must be bulletproof, because the whole world is going to try to destroy it. That's the nature of humanity, it's the nature — maybe rightfully so — of progress: you make a supposition, you make a claim; let the whole world attack it and shoot it down; and, if it doesn't go down, you know it's valid. I think that's OK. I think that's normal. But it has to be bulletproof, which means that I cannot use all my data right away — I will be able to use it in several subsequent studies — but let me explain to you why: if I were to publish data — let's say you were my patient and we spoke — you had all the symptoms of COVID, your daughter has COVID, it's obvious you have COVID, so I diagnose you with COVID. But, from the scientific community, they're going to say "How do you know? Where's your proof?", so I cannot use that, yet. (But I have a way around it; I'll tell you in a minute.) But… I have to limit my first paper to patients that have "proven", by test — objective proof — of the COVID-19 infection. Which, I have a lot of, not…obviously… it's a subset, it's 25%. But there's a cute way around this problem. One of the reasons I'm doing IgG testing on everyone, is that that is the proof, retroactively: meaning, if the person's immune… they didn't get the vaccine, because it doesn't exist, so the only way they are immune is because they had the infection. So… that will make available the rest of my data. So that's the process I'm going through right now. It's gonna come out in several stages, my data… I'm gonna report on 25% of my data now, because I have objective proof. You cannot argue with a lab that shows that you have it; that's how I know. The rest of the patients[, who] were diagnosed clinically, I will be able to report and publish [on], once I have IgG data that confirms that they have the infection, because it documents immunity. And the only way you can have immunity is if you have the infection, so it's a proof. So that's what I'm busy with now. So we have a big van driving around my community, and we're testing everyone in the streets. It's important.

K: That's the way… and, how are your clinical (so far) results, in other words, you reported that, you know, some people, unfortunately, passed away; there were 2. My friend, [Russian], died from Moscow, I believe today or yesterday,


Z: So, my patient… he wasn't treated by my practice, but I am aware of his situation, unfortunately.

K: Correct, correct. So, a relatively young person…

Z: Hold up: 14 deaths in the community. One-Four, but only 2 of them were my patients that were treated.

K: So, in other words, since last week, you have no more deaths? [No –Z.] More hospitalizations, probably? [No –Z.] Not even more hospitalizations? [No –Z.] And, so…we're really so honored to hear your update. I want to thank you so much, on behalf of many, many of our viewers — thousands of viewers — many of them said "God help you, and protect you, and help you to protect American people and humanity." I want to thank you so much for the update, and I hope to hear from you again. [да –Z.] Thank you so much, all the best; thank you.

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