This testing was done with Pleroma 2.4.1, in environment Rocky Linux 8

(Before starting, be sure docker and docker-compose are installed, as well as git, and NGINX.)

Fetch and prepare the source code:

  • git clone -b stable --depth=10 "" && cd pleroma
  • git fetch --depth=20 "" "feature/docker-compose":"feature/docker-compose" && git -c "" -c "" merge --no-commit "feature/docker-compose"
  • read -p "Enter your domain name: " pleroma_domain

Build it:

  • mkdir -vp uploads && sudo chown -vR 911:911 config uploads && sudo chmod -v g+s config uploads
  • time docker-compose build
    (takes about 6 mins on my 2-core VPS)

While you're waiting for it to build, prepare the NGINX reverse proxy:
(Skip this if you otherwise know how you're preparing the frontend)

  • sed "s/example.tld/${pleroma_domain:?pleroma_domain}/g" < installation/pleroma.nginx | sudo tee /etc/nginx/sites-available/pleroma
  • sudo ln -vs ../sites-available/pleroma /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

Configure a TLS cert:
(Obviously, also skip this if you know you’re doing it otherwise)

  • sudo dnf install -y epel-release && sudo dnf install certbot
  • sudo certbot certonly --standalone -d ${pleroma_domain:?pleroma_domain}
  • sudo service nginx start
  • If you're going to be retrying these instructions from scratch multiple times, and don't want to get ratelimited by Let's  Encrypt:
    • sudo tar c -vpPJf le.txz /etc/letsencrypt
    • Save that file somewhere
    • sudo tar x -vpPJf le.txz

Set it up:

  • firewall-cmd --add-port=5432/tcp --zone=docker && firewall-cmd --add-port=5432/tcp --zone=docker --permanent
    • NB: this kinda… just… doesn't work (even on latest releases of docker and docker-compose). The easiest workaround is to just disable firewalld [#9284] (and then reboot)
  • docker-compose run --rm web /opt/pleroma/bin/pleroma_ctl instance gen --force --domain "${pleroma_domain:?pleroma_domain}" --db-configurable y --dbhost db --dbname pleroma --dbuser pleroma --listen-ip --listen-port 4000 --uploads-dir /var/lib/pleroma/uploads --static-dir /var/lib/pleroma/static --output-psql /var/lib/pleroma/config/setup_db.psql --output /var/lib/pleroma/config/secret.exs
  • docker-compose up db -d --wait
  • docker-compose exec -T db psql -U postgres < config/setup_db.psql
  • docker-compose run --rm web /opt/pleroma/bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
  • docker-compose up web -d --wait
  • docker-compose exec web /opt/pleroma/bin/pleroma_ctl user new "lain" "webmaster@${pleroma_domain:?pleroma_domain}" --admin -y

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