Transcript of The John Fredericks Show, December 4th, 2020

John Fredericks: […Joining us now,] Garland Favorito. Garland [has] been involved… he's a Libertarian, so he's not, like, a Trump supporter or anything like that; he's an independent thinker, and he's been covering elections forever. We had him on our show in Atlanta the second day we were there, in Buckhead, at our studios there, and he talked about these algorithms; he talked about the Dominion voting machines; nobody really took him seriously, until now — they're starting to pay attention. He gave testimony yesterday; he's with us now. Garland Favorito — Garland, great to have you back.

Garland Favorito: Hey, John, thanks for having me back, and, actually, I'm the elections director of the Constitution Party of Georgia, and also the co-founder of VOTER GA, which stands for Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia, and here's —

JF: Garland, tell us what happened yesterday, and what your testimony was in Ware County.

GF: Yeah, so, thank you, John, for, again, letting me tell you this story; it's now become more amazing. Senator Ligon cut me from the testimony yesterday; I was the #7 defense witness for the President, and Senator Ligon cut me out and moved me to the bottom and then cut off the witnesses and ended the hearing without me getting to testify. We were wondering why he did this and then realized that my testimony would have exposed the Secretary of State of Georgia, the Elections Director of Georgia, and the Legal Counsel of Georgia for the Secretary of State, all for wrongdoing. And, so… being an independent, I expose corruption on both sides of the political spectrum. And that is why I was cut out of the hearing yesterday, in spite of the fact that the President's legal team wanted me as the #7 witness… so, some of the reasons why I was cut is because of the way that the Secretary of State compromised the hand-count audit, so that the results… basically, the Secretary not only compromised that, but then he ordered certification of the Dominion results, even with inaccuracies on it. So that is what happened yesterday, and the evidence I had was that a Dominion voting system… at least in one county, we found flipped votes from Trump to Biden. That information never got on the record yesterday, because of the chairman of the committee. So we had a case down there where we now know, based on specific results from the hand-count audit, that at least 3 dozen votes or more — we think about 37 [dead link; something very fishy is afoot; see comments. –Ed.] — were flipped from Trump to Biden, and the Elections Director ordered the counties to certify the Dominion results anyway, so when you spread this across multiple counties, the President lost hundreds of votes, if not thousands, because of the Elections Director's decision. All of that would have been exposed yesterday, had I been able to testify.

JF: So, the Republican Senator Ligon, who is leading this oversight hearing, he wouldn't let you speak — he dumped you to the bottom — 'cause I saw you yesterday… I mean, I simply had to leave, because… I think I left at about 6:30 PM, just out of pure physical exhaustion, so I had to leave, so I was not aware that you got dumped out of there; I know they put you down at the bottom, but I want you to go over this 37 vote flip again. Explain in detail — when you say 37 votes were flipped on the Dominion voting machine because of the algorithm — explain in layman's terms to our listeners what you found / what exactly happened there.

GF: Well, it's pretty simple. The election machines produced a count. When we did the full hand-count audit… in addition to entering the results into the Secretary of State's system, some of the counties kept their own results, so, in keeping their own results, then we were able to tell from the hand-count audit that President Trump got 37 more votes, and Biden got 37 less, as compared to the electronic count, so that told us, because they did a full hand-count audit, and because the counties kept their own numbers and their results, they could verify that that happened. So, we know that a machine shorted President Trump 37 votes — we don't know which machine; the county has multiple machines down there, and of course —

JF: Ware county.

GF: Yeah, they're not gonna give us access to the machines, we don't think. We would probably need a court order to impound the machines so we can check the algorithm. But, basically, the President got 37 less votes on the machine than he should have, and Biden got 37 more votes, and what's interesting about this is: this percentage, which is 0.26% of a weight, is exactly the margin of victory that Biden is currently accredited for having in the state of Georgia.

JF: The Democrats are gonna claim "Well, it was a glitch", then they're gonna claim "It was human error". How is it not human error? How is it not that somebody simply put the wrong ballot in the wrong slot? How is it not human error?

GF: Well, it can't be human error, because the humans didn't do anything wrong… you see, there is no "wrong slot" to put the ballot in; everybody puts their ballot in the same slot, and then the tabulator tabulates the results. So there is no way for… any voter to have made a mistake; this is exclusively isolated to the Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5 ICP or ICC system. (The ICP is the Precinct tabulator scanner, and the ICC is the County scanner.) So there has to be, most likely, malware on one of those 2 devices. The only other possibility is that it is a ballot definition mismatch; we talked to the Elections Director, and he said no, that would not apply, because all the machines were configured exactly the same, so one of them could not have been out of whack, according to the Director.

JF: Garland, so, let me get this straight. In Ware County, you went and they did a hand recount. And the hand recount, of the ballots that were fed into the machine, showed one number. And the machine showed another number. And when the ballots that were hand-counted were fed into the machine, Biden had 37 more votes, Trump had 37 less votes, which represented a swing of just over a quarter of a percent. Now, there's 5 million votes in total in Georgia, you take 0.25%, it's 12500 — more than what Biden won by. So, what you're saying is that you fed the paper in, and the paper, after feeding in, there was a software algorithm change that gave Biden 37 more votes and Trump 37 less votes. Now… what they're gonna say is [that] "oh… some machine had a glitch". Well, that's what they're gonna say. But it's unfathomable… there's a lot of glitches here, right? If you found that in Ware County, how many were in Fulton County, DeKalb County, Cobb County, Cherokee County? Savannah? Macon?

GF: It's a great question, John, and we really don't know because the Secretary of State ordered the counties to enter their hand-count audit data into his centralized Arlo system. Which basically means that the counties don't have their own totals for the hand-count audit. So they have no way to compare the results —

JF: How did Ware County have it?

GF: Some of the counties actually produced their own results and kept them. So, Ware County had their own results, and —

JF: This is unbelievable.

GF: Yeah, and some of the other counties — Now… I want to be honest with you, we don't know if this algorithm [was on machines in] other counties. We really don't know that. But we do know that it was in Ware County, and we don't think that it could have been anything else like what we call a "ballot definition mismatch" ([what] they claimed happened in Antrim County, MI — I still don't know that that's really true.) But it doesn't appear to be any kind of error that the Elections team in Ware County could have made.

JF: And you were gonna testify to this.

GF: Absolutely.

JF: And Senator Ligon dumped you to the bottom, ran out of time, and got out of town.

GF: That's exactly what happened, John, and, you know, he's supposed to be a good guy and all this, but, you know… this is why I'm not a Republican, you know; this is why I'm in the Constitution Party; so it's very frustrating that he would, he chose — I had some other evidence, in addition, about how the audit was compromised by the Secretary of State, how the Elections Director basically told all the counties to certify the electronic results and not the hand-count audit results, and I had evidence about the Legal Counsel for the Secretary of State blocking us from being monitors ("us" being the Constitution Party), even though we had a qualified write-in candidate on the ballot. So, all of that evidence would have come out yesterday at the hearing, but I was blocked from [witnessing] by the Senator; it was the Chairman's choice, and the Chairman's choice only, and he overrode the President's legal team in doing that, just to protect the Secretary of State and the Elections Director and the Secretary's Legal Counsel from [being exposed for] further wrongdoing…

[� Redacted from YouTube � Please contact me if you have this audio �]

GF: Yeah, that's right, John, and what I was going to ask the Committee to do yesterday was to immediately impound the Ware County servers — they have the power to do that — and Senator Beach is on the line; he can talk to this later — but, they had the power to quickly impound these so that we can find the Dominion bug [in] the algorithm that's in there, do a forensic exam, and what we're very concerned about is that the Secretary of State is going to destroy the data, wipe the servers, just like they did in 2017 at Kennesaw State, when the central election system was found to be exposed to the Internet, for anyone in the entire world to hack —

2 thoughts on “Garland Favorito bumped from witnessing

  1. I sent the following message to Garland via their contact form the afternoon of January 29th:

    To: Garland Favorito

    Mr. Favorito,

    I enjoyed your interview with John Fredericks on December 4th. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to transcribe it with citations[1] to preserve it even after Google memory-holes it. Thank you for putting your testimony out there.

    I noticed, however, when doing a checkup on the post, that the link to VOTER GA's press release on December 3rd[2] had broken. Further inspection shows that that press release has been replaced; the copy that previously existed[3] has been replaced with a press release with SIGNIFICANTLY less information, and a slightly different filename[4].

    Regrettably, neither major snapshotting website has a copy of anything more than the first page of the since-vanished original document, and Google mocks[5] my attempts to find a copy.

    Would you be willing to share the story behind this silently published, severely redactive correction?


    1. I went ahead and also called the John Fredericks show to see if he had a copy of the original audio, which I stupidly neglected to preserve; John told me on the phone that the archives are on Facebook (upon inspection, however, that interview is not.)

      I responded via Facebook Messenger stating as much, though have yet to hear back.

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