This post will be sort of an "archive" of everything about Gab that gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  • Gab bails on Federation
    • They refuse to take down their site’s advertising claiming otherwise
    • Gab influencer (Pro account with 1.2k followers, posts too many merch promos to plausibly not be an employee) ghosts me after I refute his public grandstanding that Gab is in any way, shape, or form “being built specifically to [sic] diverge from Big Tech”
  • Fake News accounts (in the unironic, full-blooded, MSM-Boogeyman sense) running rampant:
    • @Your_Feelings_Dont_Matter (1.2k followers)
      • ontinued doubling down on fake "Nuremberg Code" post until soundly refuted, then ghosted the thread
      • Is not ejected from the 56k+-member, otherwise extremely actively-moderated group in which he made such a blatantly fake post
      • and is back at it again, on his own timeline this time
      • Heuristically, IMO, the timeline looks inhuman
      • I have reported it, with text “Possible bot account”
        • date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 23:54:44 GMT
        • cf-request-id: 072e797b5d0000f7801c90c000000001
        • x-request-id: 082a8694-8c0e-47b2-9c7f-fe8d39b122f4
    • @keksarmy (90 followers, Pro account)
      • Has been posting at a monotonic rate since late September
      • Is clearly using a bot to post the articles to multiple groups (the Δt between some is inhumanly small, despite the filler text associated with the posts); it's made 300 posts, most of which are links to “” between Sep.27–Dec.19 2020
      • The fact that this website has been dead since at least January 2018 has not stopped Gab’s website itself from loading all the post thumbnails and excerpts! This is extremely suspicious!
      • It advertises association with likewise-dead-since-2018 site “”.
      • Despite its obviously-automated barrage of these dead-linked posts to many of Gab’s groups, from the most-populous to small communities (57.5k, 53.6k, 52.5k, 39k, 37.9k, 30.1k, 29k, 28.5k, 25.7k, 12.6k, 7k, 5.5k, 33) no moderation action has apparently been taken against it.
      • I have reported it, with text “Bot account”
        • date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 23:31:58 GMT
        • cf-request-id: 072e64a3f90000271f221eb000000001
        • x-request-id: ac973315-f659-457f-964f-059a8cb9c24c
    • @starphibian
    • @disclosetv (Verified account)
      • shared the same fake news as above, but concealed their source to avoid scrutiny

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