Regarding the claims that Bill Gates presented to the Department of Defense a vaccine to inhibit expression of the “god gene” VMAT2 (vesicular monoamine transporter 2) for the purpose of reducing religiously-motivated terrorism

I believe this comment post to be (and will maintain it as) a comprehensive archive of all the “upstream-most” sources of information on the topic.

Every other article online is just commentating on the materials linked herein. If you think you have found something online containing new information (that one couldn't just derive from the content of this post), please post it in the comments.

I beg of you: Please evaluate intelligently. You have brains. USE them. There are no “magic sources of authority”; there are just facts, most of which are forensic, buttressed by social norms. Interpret them wisely.

That said, here are the information pieces which all aspects of the FunVax conspiracy theory are ultimately based on:

Open questions, AFAICT (all of which stand, independently of the veracity of the conspiracy theory):

  • Where did WantToKnow get the allegedly-leaked “Quarterly FunVax Review” from?
  • Where did WantToKnow/DianeDi get the allegedly-leaked Gates x DOD video from?
  • Is there really a similarity between the slide @3:10 and the hypothesized source image? (I, personally, don't see it; but I could be failing to interpret it properly.)

OK, I lied (about only posting authoritative info). I will link this nice Reddit thread discussing the topic.

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory: "FunVax"

  1. After publishing this, I attempted to send the link to a friend via Facebook Messenger; I witnessed the following error:

    Your message couldn't be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

    I attempted to "debug" this error at the recommendation of some forum users, yielding the following error:

    We can't review this website because the content doesn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.

    I filled out their linked form (I didn't think to record the phrasing I used), then checked to find that EVERY one of this blog's posts I'd ever shared on Facebook was deleted—right down the memory hole, without so much as a notification to me! Ironically, this sort of nonsense is exactly why I started up the blog in the first place.

    "Welcome to the Underground Internet", I suppose? We're happy to have you!

  2. my judgement

    I would bet some amount of money that both "leaks" were hoaxed/forged (either directly by or commissioned) by Ryan Harper in collusion with the WantToKnowDotInfo admins in order to get ten thousand kickstarterbux for "investigating" into "whether" it's a hoax

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