Perhaps found a replacement for my PC's backpanel I/O shield:

AliExpress Item #4000562100767, sold by “SpiderIsland Tech Co, Ltd.” (unable to verify corporation registration due to lack of effort) and allegedly manufactured by "DEBROGLIE" (unable to find any such company easily on US Google). sold out…

AliExpress Item #3256801112114223, sold by “Redbearshop Store, Professional Manufacturer of Computer Backplate, the first IO shield store in China”.

It doesn't have the pleasant coloring of the genuine Dell part (and the holes are probably not as precisely cut, if that thumbnail's anything to go by), but I don't really have myself insinuated anywhere with a metal cutting lab, and taking all those measurements anyway would be a pain (and yield something only comparable to the chinese knockoff, at least on early attempts.)

Why bother getting a knockoff, you ask?

…after verifying, it seems [DP/N F702J] is not available at the moment. Though if you are able to wait, what I can do is send a request to our spares team to see if we have any allocation available or if we can get an alternate part number that we can order for you and call you back … we will contact you as soon as we have received the feedback from our spare parts team

–Paulo, Dell Chat, 09/02/2016, 5:45 PM CDT

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