We're back. Here's a quick summary of important events:

Running, this time, on RancherOS because there's no reason for me to be doing anything as root on my machines (I'll just break stuff lol). (have moved to Fedora 31 ca. February 2020)

Next project: a CI server providing a super-duper easy interface to build Android apps with. Every SDK is a flaming nuclear cluster garbagefire, but at if it's a) contained in a container, AND b) "out of sight, out of mind" (that is, I only interact with it by pushing code to my nice clean Git server), then that's about as cancer-free as it's going to get.

For those of you who have admirably failed to partake in Zuckerbook (consider me pre-doxed), thereby missing out on the "Facebook Exclusive" posts, the paragraph to follow comprises my reparations (and I plan to not make any more FB-exclusive content from here on out). Then again, 99% of my "content" so far is just sharing links to articles, so I will most likely adopt a "batch" model like Scott's, for sharing links (That is the best blog in the world, though; be sure to check it out if you haven't. Those "Links" posts are just one part of the stuff he curates.)


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