The "internet" is built on "web technologies", all of which are created by damn gremlins. Therefore, while I will do my best not to expedite your personal information's journey into the hands of advertisers, I make no guarantees and therefore do not — can not — “take your privacy very seriously”, which is a phrase invented by lawyers to excuse the inexcusable under the shield of false consent and “industry best-practices”. Remember: a privacy policy does not give you rights; it only legally transforms things that you could sue for into things that you cannot sue for.

The panopticon's gross tentacles permeate pretty much any software (client- or server-side) that one downloads these days, voluntarily or (especially) otherwise. To help keep the digital smog from metastasizing in your digital lungs into cyber-cancer as rapidly as it would like to, I highly recommend never going online without a content blocker such as uBlock Origin (not sponsored, just good software).

Potentially privacy-compromising Web Technologies used

The following list of potentially privacy-compromising web technologies underlying this web site is maintained on a best-effort basis, and links wherever possible to the creators' privacy policy pages. If you find any data leaks on this website not listed below, or can think of mitigations for any of them that I'm not applying, please let me know; I'd love to have a coffee with you.