Garland Favorito bumped from witnessing

“Yeah, so, thank you, John, for, again, letting me tell you this story; it's now become more amazing. Senator Ligon cut me from the testimony yesterday; I was the #7 defense witness for the President, and Senator Ligon cut me out and moved me to the bottom and then cut off the witnesses and ended the hearing without me getting to testify. We were wondering why he did this and then realized that my testimony would have exposed the Secretary of State of Georgia, the Elections Director of Georgia, and the Legal Counsel of Georgia for the Secretary of State, all for wrongdoing…”

Transcript: Zelenko x Katzin, Apr 30th

Transcribed from Rabbi Aryeh Katzin: So we have an honor to have with us Dr. Zelenko and I would like to ask [the] Dr, please update us on your fight against COVID-19 and the latest experiences. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: Yeah, thank you again for having me and for the opportunity [to] share my experience [with] the public. So, in my community, the infection rates have dropped significantly, thank …