Livestream by Canadian radical feminist Vanessa Vokey (YouTube) on January 19th, 2022. Transcribed from Selected live chat messages will be 「angle-quoted」.

I am archiving this here because I saw some online trolls trying to take down the video with a brigade of false reports, and the author does not seem to mirror live-streams to her Odysee account. By no means take my obsessive archival as an endorsement of the opinions expressed by my subject. Sadly, I neglected to download a copy of the video at the time, so this transcript is incomplete. But at least I have preserved some element of the human experience.

In addition, this post covers some highly sensitive material that will not be palatable to normal readers of my blog. Unless you are exceedingly bored and have popcorn prepared, or have (or care to have) a horse in the great "radfems vs transgenders" twitter race, you will not gain anything by reading this document.

The major thing that we're gonna be talking about today is "Tru Trans"… and I think a lot of us have just about had enough of these… trans-identified adults who have somehow weaseled their way into very high standing in this movement… you could call them "pet trans", you could call them "TRA-lite"… I think we know who I'm talking about, because I've listed them in the description [Mars Fernandez, Buck Angel, Debbie Hayton, etc.], but… right here, we have a tweet from Buck Angel—if you're not aware, Buck Angel is a woman; she's a pornographer; she's been doing porn for more than 20 years; she is, self-professed, one of the "guinea pigs" of mastectomy for women transitioning to be men; she also, basically single-handedly, created the category of "trans man" fetish porn. If you're not already familiar, Alex Erin of GenderMapper… on her channel, I've helped her with a series where we did a deep dive into Buck [Angel] so far that we went and watched the porn that she's made, and [in that series] I blurred it for your eyes. So you're welcome for that. But… she describes herself as a "male" on the porn site; she describes her "endowment" as being "under 3 inches"—so that would be the bottom growth that she experienced from taking exogenous testosterone—she also has spoken out openly about vaginal atrophy that she has experienced from taking the testosterone, which a lot of "truscum-hating… young people" are really mad at her for being honest about that— but, obviously, it's good that she spoke out, because that just, obviously, clarifies the point that we've been trying to make, which is that you can't pump a woman full of exogenous testosterone and not expect it to destroy her uterus and ovaries…

This is a tweet from [Buck Angel, on] October 7th of last year: “My pronouns are he/she. It doesn't hurt my feelings to call me she. I am much more evolved than that. Years of finding my space does wonders for your soul. Have a beautiful day❤️”. So, this woman also calls herself "Tranpa", as in, "tranny grandpa". She is no-one's grandpa. As far as I know, she doesn't have any biological children—how could she? I think she has a step-child… maybe step-grandchildren? But I don't feel like she's necessarily safe to be around children, because of her her… work. Because she is a pornographer. And she doesn't do it because she's starving; she doesn't do it because she's naïve. No, she is very, very, highly into the entire industry, to the point where I would consider her a pimp. Because she's making content on OnlyFans and recommending other women do the same, because, if you have OnlyFans, you get money from women that you recommend, because it's like a pyramid scheme.

「Are there any pics of Susan pre-transition?」—Yes, there are: if you google "buck angel before"… she's a very beautiful lesbian, really, just very beautiful-looking woman, I think… she's absolutely destroyed herself. She looks way older than she actually is; her body is creepy… it's just like a… "uncanny valley", you know? Like, when you look at something and it just looks wrong, like, you know it's wrong?

「Truscum are fighting to prevent false diagnosis」—All of this is false diagnosis—that's what we're getting at; you're ahead of me. Patience.

OK, so [Buck] said [the above] in October. And now we're gonna go over to… this [tweet] [which] is from earlier yesterday…the 18th of January 2022: “Every time you call me "she" you get reported for transphobic behavior,[sic] If you want to build a bridge with a guy who cares about biology and women's rights you want this guy on your side. Knock it the fuck off and grow up. Have a beautiful day. Tranpa”

「isn't Buck bi?」—I don't believe that Buck is bisexual; I believe that she's a lesbian—that she sleeps with gay men as a part of her fetish for disgust, and shame, and being degraded. She fetishizes her own degradation; it's an extreme, extreme coping mechanism for someone who is deeply psychologically disturbed… I don't think she would be naturally bisexual; maybe she only likes guys because of the testosterone [giving her] a higher sex drive than most women… but I think that anyone who participates in pornography is deeply disturbed.

“Buck Angel, a purported ally of those looking to abolish the gender industry, has been a stable feature in the FtM pornography space for 20 years- producing hardcore and stomach-churning acts with females and males and multiple partners alike, including for OnlyFans.” This is from [an article published on GenderMapper last September]… [it] highlights some of the videos that I blurred out for your eyes that were [covered] in the GenderMapper series "Only Enemies" [episode] The Buck Stops Here… “Her move into the OnlyFans porn platform,[sic] has left a bitter taste in the mouth of many people who are paying the highest price in the world of gender dysphoria. As more and more people are exploring her content online, they are having difficulty reconciling her positioning herself as an ally to those fighting the gender industry, while she is grooming young women captured by the trans cult,[sic] into being performers in their own on-line porn content. Anyone who believes this is nothing more than a few lewd pictures needs to have a quick look around and see the content which is available.” *Freely available—free pornography, okay? Do you not understand that there's no reason for someone to be giving out something for free? Except for the fact that it's like a free "hit" of heroin, a free bit of cocaine… get you to see how you like it… get you hooked, get you coming back for more… and then, by the time these kids—because they're after kids; that's why it's free: kids don't have money to pay for porn. But they want to look at it. Because they're curious, and they've heard about it, and it saturates our culture, and it's seen as acceptable now—so, this is the kind of stuff that they're seeing when they go online: they're seeing extreme stuff, because that's what's readily available, because the market has degraded so much and so fast that regular men who, you know, look at porn—their brains become desensitized to anything that isn't extreme, or more extreme, or more extreme—it's like they need that "hit" of a drug. That's the way it works in their brain. Don't believe me? Look up the studies; they've done tons of neuro studies on this, by now.

「I wish I never came across sexual content when I was younger, it makes brainworms」—Yes, [chat], and that's exactly what I talked about when I was reading the article by Billie Eilish—which, Buck Angel also had some shit to say about that (I don't have that pulled up here…) [Buck] was really fucking rude about Billie Eilish sharing her experience being exposed to BDSM when she was, like, 11–12, and how she believes it led to her having, you know, her weird dreams… lucid dreaming, or whatever? Porn causes brain damage, yep.

「porn exposure destroyed my life starting from age 9」—Yeah. And I would say that the first time I was "properly" exposed to it, I was… maybe 15? 14? on Tumblr, and it was in "GIF" form. So. Use your imagination. 😐

「same started doing mine at 12␝I was dared to do it at school␝it ruined that entire school year」—Oh, I'm so sorry, [chat], that's messed up. That's part of child grooming: the children groom each other. Older children groom younger children. They make them watch stuff online, then they force them to do what they've seen in the video. Like, it's… that's how it's working; that's how incest and all this stuff is connected, you know, older brothers doing it to their younger sisters, like… if you don't talk about it, it's gonna happen. And you're gonna be left wondering "what the hell, how could I have prevented this?", well, the way you prevent it is eliminating these people from speaking to children, and swaying them in any direction.

So just, you know, [one of her videos is titled] “Getting my Man Pu██y licked and sucked-Buck Angel The man with a Pu██y”, right? That's what he calls himself. (*That's what she calls herself 🙄…) “Today’s kids would have difficulty avoiding extreme porn in their day to day lives. It is everywhere they turn and the price to their mental health is extraordinary.”

Back to the tweets about [Buck] reporting women for correctly stating her sex—using the sex-based pronouns, in English, for women, which is "she" and "her"—[one Twitter user] responded: “Yo @BuckAngel any chance you were the one who tried to report me for using the wrong pronoun for you? Twitter sided in my favor though. Weird how you flip-flop. One day you're cool with being he/she, and the next you're reporting people for doing exactly what you stated was ok” It's almost like she's an abuser, and she just keeps changing the rules so that she has an excuse to abuse you. 😏 She's a predator. She's a manipulative narcissist. All she cares about is power. I saw someone [with] a take, basically saying that buck is fine being a degraded female, as long as she gets to be the tough, big, alpha female, looking "I could beat the shit out of you, blah blah blah"… is that so? I'm not even that strong, but I bet I'm taller than her. She looks short as fuck. Someone want to google how tall she is? I want to see if I could take her. *laughs* I bet I weigh more than her, too.

「I was exposed to porn early and I'm still angry about how it warped my perception at the time」 「I'd argue Billie Eilish got famous from having industry connections (her parents)」—Yeah, for sure, she did, but I'm just saying that, you know, what she said about being up against the porn industry was really brave of her to do, and, of all the people to give her backlash, it was, like, a nearly 60yo woman who chopped her breasts off and degrades herself on the daily, and sells sex toys. That's the other thing you guys need to know: she sells sex toys for women with mutilated clitorises that grew because of the testosterone. Like, she is not a good person, she's just not.

This is funny; this is actually a tweet from, like, a [pro-transition] cultist, and even they can understand that buck hates herself, right? “can you imagine hating yourself as much as Buck Angel does␜I genuinely want to question why he spent so much time visiting my college and talking to impressionable twenty-somethings if he doesn't actually believe that trans men are real men. Can't really figure out why someone would do that, don't they have better things to do?” See, this is called proselytizing; this is called being a child groomer; this is called being a sexual predator; this is called confusing children on purpose, putting them on a path of self-destruction to validate your own delusions. She doesn't want to be alone in her misery. That…is the thing that I really want people to…really think in their minds: these people are lying to themselves about who they are. They're pathological liars. From the ones I've met in my life—the way they've acted around me—they've lied, and lied, and lied. I don't even know if they know what the truth is. All they do is pathologically lie to get attention, to get validation, to piss other people off… you cannot trust a single word out of their mouths. I know it's hard for people to understand, because we want to give people the benefit of the doubt—no, no, no: if someone is lying about the most fundamental aspect of their identity—their sex—if they're lying to you about who they are and what they are, they will lie to you about anything else (and everything else).

「I've met Debbie Hayton; he's gross」—Debbie Hayton is a fuckin' perv.

[Buck] went to a bunch of colleges and, like, spoke to young people, trying to get them to trans[ition], like… 😬 she's a fucking predator, she's no different than the TIMs on Discord, you know? Like, she's no different than the TIMs that are telling young girls "oh, you're definitely trans; you're definitely trans; you should join us on the other side of medicalization and being a patient for life"… like, what? Who does that, except for people who cannot accept what they have done to themselves and must bring people down to their level, so they're not alone in their misery. Misery loves company; that's why Sam [Lux] lied about his penis; that's why Mars [Fernandez] lies about her breast amputation; that's why Buck lies about why she loves doing porn. She's fucking miserable; Mars is fucking miserable—and fat. Yeah, I said it: she's fucking fat. And she complains about getting her boobs cut off, and how, you know, she lost 8lbs—OK, how about you stop stuffing your face with shitty food? Then you would have lost the weight in a healthy way. And I say that as someone who used to be fat, and definitely had thoughts of self-harm, but I never acted on it, because I knew: "I can change this about myself. I don't need a doctor to come in and give me a quick solution; I can just dedicate myself to living better, and taking care of my body, because I only have one body." And why would I want to get rid of my breasts? Just because some other people think that they're obscene? They're a part of my body. I don't hate myself. I don't want to cut myself. I've never done it, and I never would. 「Mars is happy with her body」—Mars cut herself. She let a doctor do it for her, but, in a sense, that's what she was doing: she was self-harming, via a doctor. And, obviously, the doctor should not have been allowed to do it. But instead of her saying "this was a mistake; the doctor harmed me", she's saying it's great. So let's get to Mars' comments now, because… I just can't, with her. She's… a real piece of work.

Oh, actually, let's, quickly, I'll look at this one (Tru Trans): “Buck Angel is on a mission to set people straight ON An American Conversation Podcast! Listen in, you'll Learn Something!!” Let's look closer; [the promotional flyer] says “Buck Angel: The Courageous Truth Teller” *laughs* …they're calling a pathological liar a fucking truth-teller; give me a break. And then, it also says “Listen Up kids! You'll Be Ok. Just Be Your Authentic Self!” ✨ That is Tru Trans branding: "be your authentic self". How many fucking times have you guys heard that? And I just think of, like, this… it always echoes around in my head, there's a quote from John Green, you know, “I'm a nerd fighter” (😛, DFTBA!)… not so much anymore, because I've lost interest, but, as a child, I really identified with that Nerdfighteria, and being involved in that little online community before it was creepy and all of the creeps started preying on teenage girls at VidCon, then I kind of, was like, "ooh—don't think I want to be involved with that"… But, yeah, so, John Green, I remember he said, like—it always annoyed me when people said "be yourself"—like, whose self would I otherwise be being? 🤷😏 You can only ever be yourself. And, yeah, being your authentic self doesn't mean changing everything about yourself; it's like, literally, opposite world. Clown world.

「the trans army doesn't give kids a chance to get comfortable in their own body.」—They don't see kids; they see dollar signs. Like, the trans lobby… the army… whatever, that's the corporations; that's the pharmaceutical companies. And they don't see kids; they see dollar signs. That's all we are to them.

「What do you think of Miranda Yardly?」—Again… 😬 keep your fetish to yourself. Like, [he's] a creep. As far as I know, he doesn't use women's spaces, but I don't believe these guys, at all, about anything that they say. So… that goes for Isaac [��], too, by the way. Like, I think Isaac is fine; I like his content, but… I don't believe anything he says about his personal life. He's a pathological liar, obviously.

This one's also really funny; this is from a [pro-transition] cultist, saying “when you look a[t] Buck Angel's twitter you're literally suggested the good ones®␊Bloody cis people” And we've got Mr. Fucking Debbie Hayton and Mr. Rose of Dawn. Now, I just want to say, about Rose of Dawn… he gives me the worst fucking vibes. The worst vibes. Like, AGP off the frickin' scales; he's not an HSTS. I don't believe that at all. He looks like fuckin' Daniel Radcliffe. 😏 Daniel Radcliffe's ugly. And short.

「I really want to know why gender dysphoria isn't real.」—Gender dysphoria isn't real because gender was invented by a pedophile named John Money so he could abuse children. Wake up! You've been conned! *laughs*

Also, if you guys haven't checked out Cluniac's newest video yet, about puberty blockers, and how it impacts children… it's eugenics. Like, if you don't get this at this point, you're being willfully ignorant. It is eugenics to sterilize mentally ill people. And that is exactly what they're doing when they give children puberty blockers. They know it sterilizes them; they know that they're distressed; they know that they could possibly be gay; they know that they're probably autistic, if they've been diagnosed, which a lot of kids have, at this point; and, if you haven't already seen it, as well: Emily Weir [at] Speaker's Corner [in] the UK; Emily Weir is from Gender Critical Autistics, and she did a good speech about the history of eugenics attacks on the autistic community, starting with, you know, Hitler and Churchill… it's happened. It's happened a lot.

「what do you think about women who get breast reductions?」—I think they need to lose weight. I think it's very, very, very rarely, ever, a good idea to take a knife to yourself. Even if you have back pain, it's like… work on your core muscles; work on your back muscles; do some weight training. 😐 I'll never understand how cutting healthy tissue would ever be a good thing. I see there's someone [in chat] who has a dad who had a kidney transplant, so I understand that there [are] reasons why he'd need to be cut, and have things fixed. But I don't understand why there's any reason reason to excise healthy tissue, even if you're uncomfortable, like, 🤷 you need to change your lifestyle and figure out, you know, how to work around it, 'cause I just think it's never a good idea to take a knife to yourself. And, from what I've seen, of, like, breast reductions, you're left with, like, a T-shaped scar underneath, and I think that's mutilation, too. 「even if they aren't overweight?」—I honestly don't think it's very likely that women are underweight and have too-large breasts.

This is an awesome tweet by [a female Twitter user] *laughs*: “You sure cared about women's rights when you closed ranks with the rest of the porn industry and tried to smear a sex trafficking survivor.” (I'll leave that for you guys to look up; I've seen it, but I just can't remember where it was.) And then, on a personal level, [another female Twitter user] said: “On a personal level Buck can block and mute and ignore, right?–” Noone's forcing her to engage with people that are calling her she/her. “–No one is owed anyone else's time and if it feels disrespectful it doesn't have to be tolerated.–” I'm fully with that. If you don't like the way people are talking to you, block them. Fine. But if you then continue to engage with the people that [offended] you after you've blocked them, and post their tweets, and talk about them behind their back, I'm gonna call you a cowardly little shit. And that's what Buck does. Buck subtweets Karen [Davis], who's not even on Twitter. That's, like, the most cowardly shit thing I've ever seen. Doesn't even use her name, but he tweets (*she tweets, sorry) knowing that we all know she's talking about Karen, smearing her, saying that she "needs to have sex", like, go to Karen's channel and, you're kidding, right? And she's covered all this. It's despicable, the way that she speaks about women who disagree with her. She's a misogynist, through and through. 「people need to start calling 911 not the pronoun police」—Yeah. So, “–There's a bigger principle here though␊Do you believe people should be punished for using sex based pronouns?” Of course she wants to punish us; she's an abuser! That's why she changed the rules! That's why she's gaslighting us now, and saying "well, no, I always said that I wanted to be called [he], and you're transphobic if you don't call me he". Um, no, that's not true; we have your words from a couple months ago. So, why the 180° shift? Why this radical change? Because she wants to be angry; she wants to make us feel guilty; she wants to gain power and control over what we think, what we say, what we do… she's a nightmare. I don't know how anyone could respect someone like this, honestly.

Let's go to Mars now… So, she tweeted about me; she blocked me before she tweeted about me—pre-emptive block—I've never tweeted her, but she blocked me on Twitter, and posted my YouTube comments; so: “Mars, you are a child groomer just like Buck and just like Debbie. Leave kids alone, stop talking about "transition" online, you are advertising to kids on behalf of pharmaceutical companies to exploit their natural anxiety around puberty and growing up in this over sexed world. go live your life without constantly trying to control how other people perceive you.” I thought, good advice: go live your life, get off the fucking internet, stop trying to control everyone around you and make them lie to you, because you are incapable of coming to terms with what you've done to yourself, with the shitty coping mechanisms that you've determined "work for you". It's so absurd, it's like an addict being like "you know, I'm an addict, but being a drunk works for me; I tried some other stuff, but being a drunk just works, you know? alcohol works for me."

「filling out the tax forms for youtube so I can actually get the money my subs have sent me and adsense money…Only FEMALE and MALE available as options on form 👏🏻」—*applause* yay, [chat]! That's awesome! 😁

「false equivalency. The Aarons, Buck and Mars are TRAs」—Yeah, they're all TRA. Agreed, [chat].

…and then someone responded [to that tweet] and said “This is pretty extreme. I admit I haven't watched your YT channel,–” why the fuck you chimin' in? (Oh: [username]. It's a man. That's why. 😏 "Let me mansplain about something I don't even know anything about because I haven't watched your channel, but that woman must be wrong", right? 🙄 Ugh…) So, yeah… the thing that she responded was very funny, I thought, because she simply said “Thanks for dropping by my channel to regurgitate what Karen Davis has already said. Have a nice day.” God forbid, god forbid I try to share a thought that was original and get completely shot down as being a "regurgitating" Karen Davis thot—I guess, since she said it first, I'm not allowed to say it, 'cause then I'm just copying Karen, instead of just agreeing with her, putting on a united front, defending my friend… holding the line on truth, reality, safeguarding children from perverted, disgusting women online. That's what I thought I was doing, but, apparently, I'm just regurgitating Karen's talking points, you know? So I said “the fact that you think I'm incapable of my own thought and think I'm parroting talking points is pure projection.–” …that is literally, exactly what everyone in the [pro-transition] cult does. I said “–You are absolutely incapable of self reflection, because you are mentally ill.–” (mentally ill slash retarded) “–You hate yourself, and all women, that's why you fight so hard for women to destroy their bodies and health for COSMETIC REASONS. You seriously are no better than the [pro-anorexia] community encouraging each other to starve themselves. I do not give a rat's ass about your feelings on the matter. I see through you. Threatening suicide is coercive control. It's a kind of emotional abuse.” So this was [me] responding to a video that she made about, like, "GC", or whatever, smearing Karen, smearing Alex, all of us who want to completely eradicate the practice of genital mutilation and "sex lobotomy" that is transition, because we know it's ethically and morally wrong; we know that it's eugenics; we know that it goes against the doctor's oaths to "do no harm"; we know that, as long as there's trans adults, especially on TV and the Internet, speaking all the time about how fucking fantastic their life is, kids are going to want to go down this path, too. That is what kids do; they are very suggestible. If you show them something, they want it, right? If you make it seem all, like, cool and happy and awesome, they'll want to be drawn to it.

「​heaven forbid that women see and think the same things about our bodies」

「Buck Angel height: 175cm (5'9")」—Mm… I think I'm a little bit shorter. Damn. 😏 I'll just wear heels *laughs*

「When I first saw RoseOfDawn, I thought he looked like The Penguin from Batman Returns.」—He does look like the penguin! RoseOfDawn is a dead ringer for The Penguin from Batman Returns. I love that comment.

「We need to redpill kids who are thinking about this by putting up UNFLINCHING footage, unedited, of these sick, twisted procedures.」—Agreed. My husband actually ended up watching a video of a phalloplasty shortly after I made my video about Sam… I couldn't even stomach it, but he was like, you know, kinda morbidly curious. And I was just in the other room, and I heard him going "ah! oh, no! oh my god! oh! no! agh!", you know, like he just couldn't stop himself from reacting. And all he felt was, like, shock. He was appalled. He once got emotional, even just thinking about it, like, "I can't believe they're doing this to people. I can't believe it." And that's exactly, like, all of these "Tru Trans" people, all of these people who follow these trans influencers and believe the lie that any of them are even slightly better off do not know what the fuck they're talking about, when they talk about "transition". They don't know what it is. They don't know the pure butchery; they don't know the human experimentation that's going on. And they don't know that these people are pathological liars, and that their coping mechanism for having done all this damage to themselves is to keep lying some more, and keep living in their delusions, because they can't admit that what they did is fucked up. And the only other way they can cope with it is tricking the other little kiddies to join them, and to project backwards onto their childhood self, like, this issue that they developed as an adult. So, you know, I'm treating her exactly as though she's a TIM grooming teenagers online.

This is just about Matt Walsh, 'cause I thought this was good, 'cause Matt Walsh released that video about Samantha Lux, and I commented and I said, like, “I'm pretty sure I'm the person Sam hates most in the entire world”, and then someone said “No, he did one on Sam. I had no idea who Sam was but when I searched[, your channel] came up” 😁 You know why? 'Cause his video on me has over a million views. A million. That's a lot of fucking eyes. If you think all those [views] are his fans? Nope. Nope. 😁

「"Jazz" Jennings is Jarod?」—Jazz is Jarod, yep. It's funny, because they spell "Jarod" kind of weird, like, usually it's spelt with an 'e', isn't it?

This is upperhandMARS' other [post] on YouTube: “Hello, everyone! It's been an interesting few days. LOL.–” Who thinks she's actually laughing? Who thinks she actually thinks this is funny? Because, abusers losing power and control over other people—they don't like that. It's not something they think is funny. They don't like being threatened. They don't like their power and control being threatened. “–Still getting some delicious hateful comments.–” Yeah, she thinks they're delicious because then she can use them for that delicious, delicious affirmation that she's such a poor, little, helpless victim… that's all she's doing it for! She's just trolling for hate comments so that she can be like "see how mean they are to me? 😧 Oh my god, guys…" “–There are, however, some…and I'd say few people that came to my channel to ask me questions in a FAIR way.–” Yeah, 'cause we're only allowed to talk to them if we give them all due respect, 🙇 due deference, and use preferred pronouns and, you know, worship their gender i-deity. That's the only reason we're ever allowed to even confer with The Great upperhandMARS, is if we acknowledge the existence of her gender i-deity. Well, I don't. I fuckin' don't. I think this about your gender identity: 🖕🖕. I think it's bullshit. I think you're a really ugly woman who thought that you'd have an easier life living as a man, and you're too cognitively stunted to realize what a fucking mistake you've made with your life. And, also, I feel sorry for your family; I feel sorry for your mother; I feel sorry for your father (if he's even in the picture… pfft, who knows?); I feel sorry for your siblings, if you have any; I feel sorry for any friends that you have… because this is psychological abuse, to force everyone in your life to lie to you, and to treat you like you're special, and to walk on eggshells around you, and be scared that they're gonna say something that's gonna put you on the path to suicidal ideation. Because that's what you throw around, and that's what you encourage kids to use, as well—as a weapon against their parents, who are trying to protect them. You think that that's just fine, to say "oh, well, I'll kill myself if you don't do this"—fucking coercive control. You're an abuser, Mars. You've abused people in your life, and you're abusing kids online. And you're abusing women who are calling you out on your shit. By the way, I'm on my period, so… welcome to being female! 👐😁 I'm just channeling all that righteous fury into this. [“–By that, I mean, they didn't take personal shots at me. So given that they asked in a respectful manner. I will address some of their questions. Be it on a livestream or in a video.”] So she wants to take questions, but not from people who aren't worshipping her.

So she, then, because I called her a child groomer—that got under her skin, 'cause she knows it's true—so she had to post this: “You could argue that my visibility as a trans person–” translation: "I'm a famous trans woman…trans-identified male…female…whatever, I'm a famous person." That's what she's thinking, "I'm famous". And not because of anything she's done, not because of any achievements, not because of anything she's fought for… literally just because she mutilated herself, and that goes along with the narrative and the ideology that's popular right now. She mutilated herself, and now is famous for that. 😬 Cool. Does that… do it for you? You're famous—is it worth it? Really? You wouldn't take it back? Really? You don't wish you could go back in time and just say "nah—I'm not gonna take a bunch of testosterone and sterilize myself; nah—I'm not gonna grow a beard and try to pass [myself] off as an ugly dude when I'm just an ugly woman; nah—I'm just gonna embrace being an ugly woman, 'cause who the fuck cares, and I'll find someone who's not that interested in someone who doesn't look like a fucking snub-nose pug." Bullying, yeah, I'm bullying her, in case you're wondering. I don't care. I don't care if I hurt her feelings. In fact, I want to hurt her feelings, because I want her to feel stigmatized. I don't want her to feel welcome around me; I don't want her to feel like "I see her", "I hear her", blah blah blah—no. No. I don't have fucking time for that. I have time for kids. I have � for protecting the children, and this woman is a predator. So why should I give a shit? Like, I will fight for her rights as a female, but that doesn't mean I have to support everything she fucking does. It doesn't mean I need to be nice to her. Yeah. So… fucking deal with it. And also… like, "mean words… *whines*"—again, like, grow the fuck up? Do you see how many hate comments I get every day? Do you think I cry about it? No… *laughs* I laugh at them. They're hilarious. They're literally hilarious. If you are confident in yourself, and you know who you are, and you know what you stand for, and you know what you believe in, and you know what you look like, and you have people in your life who are honest with you and keep you in check and tell you when you're being, like, you know, maybe a little stuck-up, or a little bit of a bitch, or, you know, a little bit bossy, or whatever, like, as long as you have people to keep you in check, and give you a normal sense of confidence, but also knowing your place in the world… hate comments are, just, nothing. They're nothing. They have absolutely no effect over my life. All they do is add to my [channel's ranking in the YouTube] algorithm. So, it's just even more funny; it's even more ironic—that all of these teens think that they're gonna accomplish something by calling me ugly or something—it's like "really? really, honey? did that work? did you think that was gonna work? *laughs* did I go away? (no, I didn't! *laughs*)" So… I just, I don't even know why they're wasting their time. They just show their immaturity all the time; it's really funny. *sighs*

「meanfem party♀️🎉💖」—Yaas.

So, she's brought up her analytics, as a way to, like, one-up me, right? Like "oh, see my visibility, because I'm a famous trans person"… “–my visibility as a trans person online is an issue, but being accused of encouraging kids to get surgery or transition is dishonest. My channel has been strictly 18 and up. [image: Audience age – last 28 days – views: 13–17 0.0%; 18–24: 14.3%; 25–34: 39.2%; 35–44: 25.1%; 45–54: 13.0%; 55–64: 7.2%; 65+: 1.3%]” 😏 You guys see the problem with that? I said [in a comment on her post]: “Newsflash, kids lie about their age when they sign up. Are you really this thick[,] or just desperate to distract from the fact that you're a child groomer?”

Here's a really ironic bit: he blocked me, right? So I can't see the tweets, except for the ones people send me, but her background photo on twitter… *laughs* you can't make this shit up! Honestly, these people are so fucking two-faced: “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say”. 😏 Hello? You blocked me! So you fear what I say, because what I say is the truth. And I'm not a liar.

So she [tweets] “Achievement unlocked[:] Trans men are FINALLY getting the same attention and hate [that trans women] do. ✊🏻” Yeah, no fucking way—no fucking way that trans men are ever criticized. Well, welcome to the party. This is the part where we rain on your parade, and remind you that you're fucking nobody but a mutilated woman who is selling mutilation to young girls, because she can't live in her own fucking misery alone. And all you care about is being called "he/him" by all the GC people who are too fucking stupid to realize that your suicide threats are bullshit. You're too chickenshit to kill yourself; are you kidding me? Do you know how hard it is to do that? Do you know how much conviction someone has to have to kill themselves? Maybe you'd attempt it. And you know how you'd do it? How women do it. 😏 With drugs. That's why women don't commit suicide as much as men: it's not that we don't attempt it as many times; it's that we do it in softer, less violent, less final ways, like trying to OD on drugs—which is also extremely hard to do, by the way, to OD on drugs, to actually kill yourself, extremely hard—that's why when �� said he was high on drugs I was like "yeah, sure"… I'm sure he took a bunch of pills, but, like, what's it gonna do to you? Like, you're not gonna die, sorry. That's not really how it works. You might do some serious brain damage, but… nah, it's pretty fuckin' hard to kill yourself… it turns out. So… all these people that are like "oh, if you don't do this, I'm gonna kill myself"—ok, bet? *laughs* Sure! Go for it! I dunno, prove me wrong? 'Cause I think they're all chickenshit, and liars, and they're only saying it 'cause they know that it manipulates the people they love into giving them what they want, get them walking around on eggshells, and it gives them power and control over other people, including the people who love them most.

What else… Oh, this [comparison] is straight, straight from Sam Lux's video, he said, like, “would you say that to a man whose penis had been blown off in war? would you say that that's not real?” I'm like "strawman? we're just doing straw men now? we're just bringing an argument completely out of the blue that has nothing to do with what we're talking about?" Yeah. Because I would go up to a man who's suffered a traumatic injury to his penis and say "that's not a real penis"? I wouldn't be fucking seeing it! I wouldn't know about it—you know why? 'Cause he doesn't go around asking for validation for it. It's probably something very private, that he deals with on his own, and I would have no fucking clue. And he doesn't broadcast every fricking detail about it, and trying to say that "it's still fine; it still works the same"—no, it wouldn't! It wouldn't. It would be cosmetic. But would I say that that man deserves to, you know, feel more… like he's not mutilated? Sure. I don't have a problem with people getting reconstructive cosmetic surgery after traumatic injuries. That would be stupid. I also have no problem with children getting cleft lip, cleft palate, all those things fixed, of course—'cause that's a health thing. Babies can't latch if their lip is grown into their nose. It's very bad. They can't breastfeed. So there's plenty of cosmetic surgeries that exist for a medical reason. Inverting your penis to more closely resemble a vagina, even though it has none of the functions, doesn't smell like it, doesn't secrete the right fluids, doesn't clean itself, doesn't have the right pH balance, has bacterial vaginosis and overgrowth, has hair growing inside of it that comes out in clumps and balls, sometimes is connected to your colon, so it literally has poop juice coming out… like, the insultingness of comparing that… anyways, so, this is what Mars is saying, right (and hopefully you see the connection there I was just trying to make): “It's important to put this out there and understand that the fanbase that people like Vanessa Vokey build.–” (🙌😁 Hi; I didn't know I had a fanbase, but I guess I do, so thanks! I like to think that my fanbase is "based", *laughs* because I try to be as "based" as I can, so…) “–Many women get a mastectomy NOT just those that identify as trans men.” Yeah, 'cause that's what we're fuckin' talking about right now, Mars. We're talking about women who've already been dragged through the mud by their own daughters who are jealous of them getting a double mastectomy before them because they have cancerous breasts. Women don't want to get their breasts cut off, you fuckin' lunatic. Women don't want to get breast cancer, you fucking psychopath. Even comparing the two shows how absolutely insensitive, incapable of empathy, deluded, and psychotic she is. And, yeah, I'm just gonna keep throwing out all these buzzwords, 'cause one of them's gotta stick—one of them's gotta be true.

So someone [replied on Twitter and] said “Vanessa is based.–” Thank you. “–You [Mars] are a deformed woman,–” Yeah. If you're a woman with your breasts cut off and you have big scars across your chest and no nipples, in a lot of instances, you're deformed. Not because you were born deformed—and, also, by the way: my dad? born with deformed feet.—So people putting a negative aspect to deformity is actually their problem. There's nothing to be stigmatized about being outside the norm, if you're born that way. As �� has said, "we should never try to make equal what nature has made unequal", right? We can never try to make men and women equal; we can never try to make disabled people who are physically or cognitively disabled up to the limits of [normally-]abled people. We'll never be able to do it. We have to accept that there are deviations that lie outside the norm. I think Cluniac said, too (he was debunking the "sex spectrum" thing), he said "it's a bimodal distribution": most people have 10 toes [the peak of a distribution]. And then my dad [in the left tail] has 3 toes. He is not in the greater population, but he's still a male… he's still a human, you know what I mean? Like, he's just had a little bit of a different situation than other people have had in their lives. So, who's making it negative? People are born with left feet; people are born with cleft palate; people are born [with] Down syndrome; people are born with all sorts of genetic conditions… I know a guy, my husband's friend, [who] was born without legs below the knees; he walks on stilts—he learned to walk on stilts. That's all he's ever known. Is that normal? No. Is he in [the peak of the distribution]? No, he's further, further out; he has a very rare condition. Likewise, if someone loses a limb, that's a deformity of the limb. If they're an amputee—if they have to have something amputated because the limb is dying because of blood pooling in it, or lack of oxygen getting to it, or whatever—these are medically necessary procedures. As Mars said in her video (which you can go check, "You're Kidding, Right?",) she said “I wanted my breasts cut off 'cause I just didn't like them.”—"I just didn't like it", "I don't like it… it's just not me, you know? it's, like, not my authentic self, you know; my authentic self is definitely mutilated and deformed… oh, and I'm gonna request that insurance pays for that, even though it's not medically necessary, and I should have just lost some fucking weight. and then I would have had smaller boobs." *chortles*… “–not a subtype of man. If you want to help us, do as Lauren Witzke told Robert ["Blaire"] White, and just sod off and live stealth…“ Yeah, I fully, completely agree with that. Robert White has groomed an entire generation of boys into transing themselves, because they look at him and they see him as a "success story"; because of his carefully curated online image, they don't know the first thing about his day-to-day life. And, also, his mother—no-one stops to think about these men's mothers! It's a tragedy that that man's been allowed to LARP around this long, and it will not end well for him. If [White's fiancé] Joey wakes up and realizes, like, what a homophobe he actually is, and how he just can't do it—he can't marry a man. He can't. He can't even accept that Robert is a man; he's disgusted looking at photos of him as a little boy—disgusted, freaked-out, scared. That's not a happy man. Not a happy man. 「Robert's video with his mother was really hard to watch. That poor woman was really struggling with the gaslighting」—Yeah, she looked like she was close to tears. And, again, who can she go to? Who can she talk to? Who's gonna give her support? *sigh* yeah, so… 「I think Joey is bisexual」—Joey is not bisexual; he is gay. If you are in a committed relationship with a man, and you want to marry him, you're a gay man. I don't really believe this whole, you know… no, you prefer one or the other. And whichever one you want to marry, that's your sexuality. Surprise! 👐😐 *laughs* Like, if you're a woman who dates men and then marries a woman, you're a lesbian. That's how I feel about it. If you marry a man and divorce him and then date women, you're a lesbian. Do you get what I'm saying? Like… I don't really get the whole [need] to say "I'm bi"; it's like… mm 🤷😒 I think you prefer one or the other. I think you're always gonna lean more to one or the other, especially if you want a life partner.

So here she says “Vanessa here tells you to "stop talking about transition online." Hmm. Where have I heard that before? Ah yes, I'm constantly told to "stop talking about detransition online." These people sound *exactly* like the people they claim to oppose.” Are you a fucking moron, ��? Or are you just being intentionally obtuse? Like, really? So, "where have I heard that before"? From [pro-transition] cult members, who don't want you to talk about the truth: about what transition actually is, and how it actually ruins peoples' lives, and their bodies, and their relationships with their family and friends, and the prospects for jobs and relationships—like, romantic relationships, and [having] children? Because I've never been a part of that. Not once have I ever said people should stop talking about detransition, so this is a strawman. And it's a really stupid one, too. Really stupid. Because I don't sound "exactly" like the people they oppose; I actually sound exactly like the side that's trying to safeguard kids from people who are grooming them online. And the people that are grooming them are the ones who are fucking lying. Not the detransitioners—detransitioners are telling the truth, or as best as they can, even though they're still quite mentally ill and detached from reality, but they are trying to tell the truth. They are trying to leave the [pro-transition] cult. They are trying to protect other people from getting harmed the way that they did. I thought that's what �� was doing—turns out she just doesn't give a fuck about women, again, only cares about herself, and her own validation, and self-admitted that she was like a "monster" when she identified as a man—was an absolute monster to [the] people in her life. Yeah. Think that's changed? Doubtful. *sigh* So I never said "stop" stalking about detransition; I said stop grooming kids. 😏 That's what I said. And detransitioners are not groomers; they are life rafts: they are trying to rescue people.

「Buck Angel height: 1.75m, 175cm, 5.7ft」—5'7"? She's barely an inch taller than me, then. I could take her. She's like 60. She's old as fuck. And a druggie.

「Are you in Bristol, Vanessa? I live near there. Don't go to The Jam Jar.」—I should stay away from The Jam Jar in Bristol? I am in the west country, but I'm not that close to Bristol, I think it'd be, like, a little bit of a trip.

So, I'm not sure what order these are supposed to be in; I'm just going to highlight some parts that I thought were particularly egregious, and I had, you know, something running in the back of my head—I was like "oh, I can't- I don't wanna say this". So. “In hindsight, I do wonder whether there might have been some less drastic remedy,–” so this is D-bag Hayton (Debbie/David Hayton), talking about his "transition" to being a woman… at, like, what, was he, like, 50? 🙄 Ugh. 'Kay. “–but the compulsion at the time was overwhelming. I am in the same body, but I like it better the way it is now.–” Bullshit. You can't get hard now. You're on estrogen; you can't get hard. No man wants that. And he stopped having sex with his wife, 'cause his wife's no longer interested… I'd be pretty put-off, too, if my man started growing breasts, and started referring [to] himself as a woman. Pretty fuckin' creeped-out. And he's basically admitted that to the public: that they don't have sex anymore. So… how would you be happier, as a man, if you can't even get hard, and your wife won't even touch you anymore? 😏🤷 Mmh. Okay. “…Alongside my family, the hardest place for me to transition was there, in my own head. The trans conversation is punctuated with talk of acceptance and validation.–” which is all he fuckin' wants. And [for] people to play along with his fetish—including children, that he teaches. 'Cause he's a biology teacher, and he makes his students, who are minors, call him "Mrs." 'Kay. 😐 “–But not from my fellow travellers on the bus.–” People on the bus don't give a fuck about you; they know that you're a freak, and they don't care. They want to avoid eye contact; they don't want to talk to you; they don't want to be wrapped up in your stupid little fairy-tale life; they look at you and think "that guy's a fuckin' freak." Anyways, “…For some of us, switching our gender is but one step on the way. It is not an end, but a means of finding ourselves. In doing so, I accepted myself.–” Yeah? Well, your wife doesn't accept you! Fuckin' divorce her, and let her go. Let her be free. Your kids don't accept you, either. They're fuckin' embarrassed of you. You're a disgrace. “–I just wish that it had not come at such a cost to those I care about most.”—So he admits it! He admits that he abused his family for his own fetish. And he expects us to feel sorry for him—that's what I don't fucking understand, is how people can actually be like "oh, I do feel sorry for him"—No. Have some fucking dignity? Seriously? Like, the amount of people who are actual victims of this and actually being harmed, and you're going after the guy who's literally harming, ripping apart his own family? No way. “…Unfortunately, by the time I got to the call centres, the novelty was wearing thin. For trans women like me, the telephone is the instrument of the devil.–” *laughs* Okay, buddy. Because you sound like a creepy fuckin' old bloke, 'cause you are. So it's "the devil"; it's "the devil's instrument"—"I can't call people; they'll know I'm a man!" *chuckles* “–Despite my protests that I was a woman, five thousand miles away [the] call centre staff heard a man.–” Because you are a man, you fuckin' idiot—you creep—“–After trying and failing to make myself understood, operation name-change ground to a halt. But what does it matter what name a distant company might hold on a database, less so gender markers?–” Like, changing his identity from male to female on his driver's license and shit… gimme a break. It's perjury. It's [a] false document. “–What matters most are those closer to home.” Obviously, they don't fuckin' matter to you at all. Your fetish matters a lot more than your family. *sighs* “…Transition, to put it lightly, was a learning experience. The clerk assured me that everyone who seeks justice stood in the dock. In less than five minutes, I read out my statutory declaration, watched as it was signed and sealed, and left the building with a new name. But it wasn’t just a name; changes were also needed in my wardrobe, which contained little more than two pairs of jeans, a dozen T-shirts, a few sweaters, my comfy shorts,–” (thanks for all the fuckin' detail…) “–and a couple of suits for work.” So he was not already crossdressing, before he changed his fucking gender marker and his name. That's insanity. He's actually trying to convince people that he's a woman before he's even dressing like one in public! He's putting his cart before his horse! Anyways… (I sounded really Canadian when I said that—"He's putting his cart before his horse!") “…The second-best piece of advice–” ('Cause woman=clothes, as well, right? Obviously. To these people. Woman=dress… and long hair, and makeup, and whatever. Which he doesn't even do, by the way—he can't even do makeup. He's so fuckin' ugly. Anyways.) “…The second-best piece of advice I was given was to book a personal shopper slot, and request at least two hours. As I blustered on the phone, they reassured me: ‘Don’t worry! We see a lot of this.’–” AKA "we know you're a fucking fetishistic, crossdressing freak, and we wanna make money off of you, so we're gonna pretend like we're not completely disgusted and creeped out by you. And then, as soon as you leave, we're gonna shit-talk you behind your back… and talk about how you smell weird, and you've got creepy lips…" That's exactly what they're doing, in case you weren't aware! “…Why should they [mind]? Their business was selling clothes, and my money was as good as anyone else’s.” At least he [knows] he was being used! “…‘Do you really need to do this? Do you not care about the rest of us at all?’ asked my wife, Stephanie. But my energies were overwhelmed by my own needs; an inward focus that left nothing for anyone else.–” Then fucking divorce her, you fucking creep. “–After a lifetime spent hiding my inner turmoil, my mind revelled in what I thought were new freedoms.–“ You're addicted to porn, dude. You're a pornsick freak. “–I was talking about my gender identity; how I was a woman trapped in a man’s body, and why I needed to transition. That was eight years ago, in 2012. It’s hard for me to remember how it took over my life, though maybe easier for Stephanie,–” well, yeah, no shit it'd be easier for her to remember, because you were high as a kite, probably—you think he's not also addicted to drugs, as he's addicted to porn and everything else? —Drug addicts can lead very productive lives, and still be drug addicts. “…It’s hard for me to remember how it took over my life, though maybe easier for Stephanie, who had to keep her feet on the ground while my head was in the clouds.” I fuckin' hate this guy—he actually wants us to feel bad for him. Seriously. “…Family was where it mattered, and where it often hurt. Not long after I transitioned,–” ("Started crossdressing in public, because I'm a fetishistic, pornsick freak…") “–I spotted my 12-year old son walking towards me, sandwiched between two friends. As the distance closed to 20 metres, he noticed me. There was panic in his eyes. At 10 metres we made eye contact. His friends were oblivious. Five metres and the tension was palpable. We passed without acknowledging each other, and neither of us turned around.” How fucking humiliating. How degrading. Can you even imagine being a 12yo boy and seeing your dad dressing up and walking through town, and you're with your friends, and you're, like, you just can't fuckin' stomach the bullying that would happen if anyone were to find out. And now, he broadcasts all this shit on the Internet, for the world to see. [You] think he asked his kid if this was okay to share? Do you think he got permission to tell such a very intimate, y'know, private moment, with everyone? No, because his kids are just an extension of him, and he can do whatever the fuck he wants with their lives. And their memories. He can erase their memories of their dad, and replace them with a woman. That's what he feels entitled to do. “…My transition was hardest of all for Stephanie. While I celebrated new freedoms, her life was made harder. As I crashed through life, she had to pick up the pieces.–” AKA: he was addicted to drugs or drinking a lot, spending all the money, watching too much porn, going out and trolling for guys, probably, as we've heard other AGPs do, so probably getting all sorts of STDs and shit… “–She counselled our children, looked after the house, and dealt with enquiries.–” You know, "what's going on with your husband?" "Oh… he's a woman now." What the fuck? You put her in this position where she has to answer questions about you, and she has to explain for you, and justify what you're doing to other people? Fuck you, dude! You're sick. What a fucking… that's psychological torture, to force your wife to have to explain to everyone in their lives that what you're doing is not destroying their family, when it so obviously is. “–People who walked on eggshells around me unleashed their worries on her. We got through it, but life had changed forever.” …*sigh*. “…But while I felt liberated, Stephanie was traumatised.–” He knows he traumatized his wife, and he's still fucking married to her. “–I thought I went slowly; to her, I raced at the speed of light in a direction she did not want to go.–” Where have we heard that before? He admits that he did this against his wife's will. Against her will. He forced her into this, because they were married, and there was a binding legal contract, and she's probably financially dependent on him, because she's been a homemaker taking care of the kids. He trapped her, and just when they were getting to their old age, when they'd finally be able to enjoy retirement, and having their kids be grown, and having an empty house, he decides to fucking throw a bomb in it, and destroy their future. “…Soon after I emerged from the court, I embarked on a tour of banks and public services changing my details. Everyone seemed eager to help. At my bank, I was directed to Phil, who ‘knew how to do it’. Two or three times a month, he told me, he changed a marker in a drop-down box from ‘M’ to ‘F’. That was it.–” Oh, are the females not doing it to male? Is it just trans-identified men that want to change all their legal documents, so that if they happen to be caught doing a sex offense that they'll get sent to a woman's prison? That's the only reason these guys are doing it. You don't realize the long game here? They know they're sex offenders; they want to commit sex offenses; so they know, if they change their marker to female, when they eventually do get caught (*if, you know… hopefully, they do get caught), they will be sent to a woman's prison, where they can continue to offend sexually against women. This isn't for affirmation. This is a backup plan. This is the loophole that they're exploiting. “–His colleagues thought he worked magic, but actually, the magic happened in a distant marketing department.–” (Why is any of this fuckin' relevant?) “–Overnight, I stopped receiving mailers adorned with images of cars and golfing holidays. In their place were photographs of flowers and spa breaks.” Fuck off, dude! Yeah, 'cause that's all women are: flowers and spa breaks. And men are cars and golfing holidays. Fuck off, dude, seriously. Like, god, I hate him so much… okay, here's another one about his kids: “…When one of our children won an award,–” so his child did something, they achieved something, and he had to go and make it all about himself; he couldn't just stay home; he had to make it about himself: show up, and be the center of attention, because he's a freak. “–we were invited to a buffet reception. As we mingled, I introduced myself to other parents as I always do – ‘John is my son’. The truth, but maybe not the whole truth. Elsewhere in the room, Stephanie described herself as John’s mother.–” He's talking about this… he's lying. He's talking about this as if people can't immediately tell he's a fuckin' creepy old dude. They can tell on the phone, can't they, right? On the phone, they hear a man—so [do] you think people in-person are too stupid to pick up on the fact that you're a fucking man? When they see and hear you? He's lying. This is a lie. This whole story is fabricated. “…I explained somewhat sheepishly, ‘and I’m his Dad.’–” Why are you fucking embarrassed of that? Why are you trying to appropriate the motherhood role? Why are you trying to pass yourself off as this kid's mom? You're a fucking creep! Pervert! Stolen valor, much? Like she's the one that birthed him, thank you very much. You just supplied…whatever. Some spunk. At the very beginning. And then fucked off, and started dressing as a woman and jerking off, while she was pregnant with your children, no doubt. “–Trans people have rightly emerged from the shadows.–” pfft! Get the fuck back in the shadows, dude. No-one wants to see you. No-one wants to look at that. Get in the shadows, and hide there, and stay in there, and make sure it's really fucking dark. I don't even want to see an outline of the shape of a trans-identified man. Stay in the fucking shadows. This is a warning. “…we are not expected to be found at socials trying to hold our plates in one hand, our champagne glasses in another, and our son’s prize in a non-existent third.–” What? What are you talking about? Why are you holding your son's prize? Shouldn't he be holding it? “–One day, perhaps this will change. But right now, this is my reality.” No! Stay the fuck at home. You're an embarrassment to your whole family. “…That brings me to the best piece of advice I was given: the hardest places to transition are in your own head and within your family.–” *sigh*… 'cause he… I can't; I don't even know what to say to that. It's like, yeah, transitioning in your head… what the fuck does that even mean? Deciding to let your psychosis and your fetish run your life? 'Cause that's what you did. “–Other people on the bus–” 'Cause it was a decision, okay? This wasn't something that he just fell in, no, he decided to do this. He was an active, you know, participant; he went into this, and he wanted to do this. And now he wants us to feel sorry for him? Like, what the fuck? “…They have their own lives to worry about.–” (Yeah, dude.) “–Work was a bigger concern; I’m a teacher, and my employer planned carefully. But in the end, what prevailed was my ability to teach physics, inspire children, and unjam the photocopier.” Oh, well aren't you so fuckin' helpful? I bet the women can't do that! I bet it's 'cause you've got the strong, manly hands, you can just get in there and unjam that paper from the photocopier. "Inspire children". He makes them call him "Mrs. Hayton". Also, is this a good time to remind you guys that the paraphilia crossdressing/transvestism, is very highly correlated with acts of pedophilia? And that the men themselves that actively crossdress have admitted to doing acts of pedophilia—many of them? Very, very closely connected. “…‘Thanks for not saying anything, Dad,’–” Right? Back to his 12yo son seeing him on the road. “–he told me as he went to bed that night. Parents can be embarrassing at the best of times but, to a boy out with his friends, a trans parent–” No, your dad fetishistically crossdressing in your mom's underwear and clothes, in public, displaying his fetish for everyone to see, and his mental illness, and his narcissism… his need to have all eyes on him and be the center of attention, all the fucking time… “…Nobody had prepared him to deal with that.–” Well, no shit. You certainly didn't. You threw him into this, without even considering how he would deal with that. 'Cause you didn't give a fuck. It was all about you. You already said that. You're not a father. You're a sperm donor. You're not a father. Fathers put their children first. Fathers sacrifice for their children. All you've ever done is take. You just take, take, take, from everyone; you don't do anything for anybody else. “–Things did get better.–” So, your son lost all will to fight for what's right, and his own freedom from you. And he just succumbed to your abuse and manipulation. “–Three years later, he grumbled that I could have at least had the decency to transition during his GCSE year so that he could have applied for special consideration in his exams.” So what he's trying to say is "I wish that you had done this when I wasn't in high school, when I was still a child, when I was still a minor, when I still have to live with you, and I wish that I could've gotten something out of it, instead of you just taking and taking and taking from me. I wish I could have actually used this to my advantage, and gotten something out of it, because that's what I've been taught, from you: is to just use things to your advantage, and be selfish." So he taught his son to be selfish. You know, for all intents and purposes, though, I think his son has every right to be as selfish as he wants, if it means cutting his dad out of his life, because he doesn't want him there.

Let's look over some funny comments, and then maybe I'll log off, 'cause my throat's getting kind of hoarse.

You guys remembered Alissa [Albee], who I made a video about? Yeah, she commented on one of my videos again—she's still hanging around; I don't know why; I totally, utterly destroyed her arguments in my video, and she's still hanging around *laughs*—

「​Buck has the word 'pervert' tattooed across his back」—*her back, you mean, [chat], yeah? I didn't know that, but… she should. At least it's a warning to other people.

[Alissa Albee commented] “the entire video in comparison to Samantha's video…?” and I just said “Alissa you look pathetic. give it up. why are you so obsessed with me?” Then she said “What looks pathetic is your attempt at labeling a trans-positive movement as a "cult" because you have opposing views and then tearing apart someone else's video to make it look like it supports views centralized in the ideology that science is rigid like math, when for years it's been proven to constantly make mistakes. Trying to voice that detransitioners are the only valid voices from our community while also boasting what is and isn't real in science without taking criticism from anyone seriously just screams you have unresolved personal issues you should be talking to a therapist about, not sitting here encouraging people to off themselves online.–” That was a run-on sentence. I don't know if you noticed that. I was trying to read it without taking a breath, 'cause there was, like, no commas or anything… “–You may call it obsession, but then what would that make you when it comes to this issue; Are people just not allowed to comment on what you have to say if you don't agree? 🤔 You've literally actively torn me apart for views and labeled it as a response & did the same for Samantha [Lux].” So she agrees I tore her apart! 💃 I just said “you are obsessed with rationalizing your own idiotic belief system. Science is the method of observing and measuring phenomenon and your religion has nothing to do with the material world. you are a confused young woman who is very uneducated and mislead[sic] by groomers online and cultists. It's not a difference of opinion, its[sic] fact. people in cults don't believe they are in a cult you silly, vapid little girl”. People in cults don't believe they're in cults…

Let's see… this is the travesty from �� period care; you guys remember this? I showed this last time, but… I really wanna watch that video, but I'll try to just cut it up and do a response, like, just with my phone, I'll film it or something, 'cause I, just, you know, don't have the energy to, like, put my camera up and all that stuff, and I don't have good lighting, and whatever, but…

Oh, yeah, this [comment] was funny: “why don't you make a song about trans men, i mean i'm one, you could maybe express how i'm taking womanhood away from myself because you think I'm insane or delusional” And… yeah, I just said “Billy Joel already wrote one. it's called ‘She's always a woman’”. 😏

If you guys haven't read "Irreversible Damage", that's the quote from the beginning: “She hides like a child but she's always a woman to me”, and I think that's brilliant.

「This might be a good group to ask: anything you wish your mom told you about your first period? I need to prep」 「how about "don't flush tampons" 🤦 That was embarrassing to find out from a friend」 *laughing* I mean… []

If you guys haven't checked out A Slightly Twisted Female yet, her channel is freaking awesome. She got, like, a ton of hate from, like, radfems, about the fact that she has boobs. So… you know. BOOBS. 🤷 [I'm] not even wearing a bra. "Whoah! Woman with boobs!" Also, this [tank top] is my new design, by the way: it's also got boobs on it. It's supposed to be, like, a radfem mandala, or, like, pregnant women, and then this is supposed to be, like, a vulva, a little bit. I made it in photoshop; I thought it was kind of neat. I wanted a workout top, so…

「BEWBS」 「​SCANDALOUS」—Yeah, women have boobs, desexualize boobs, seriously! This is, like, such a problem! This is, like, why girls are cutting off their breasts, is because they're "sexualized".

Let me find my Gettr posts about Mars… because I was basically sharing… or, no, what did I say… yeah, I think it was Gettr (I'm on Gettr now, guys, by the way—it's just @VanessaVokey)… Gettr does not want to show up when you Google it, eh? … So, lemme see what I said…

[Image: a topless female covered in cut scars, with a conspicuous seam in the flesh encircling the upper torso at nipple height. The nipples are missing, and the breast volume is negligible. The image is overlaid with several copies of the text "THIS WILL HELP".] So, this is from… a doctor, obviously, that cut off this girl's breasts — look at all the self-harm scars. This one is featured in the video “The call is coming from inside the house”; it's a really good documentary about how gender ideology is a cult and the different practices that it involves and all that kind of stuff and… this photo, someone shared it on Gettr [post is now deleted or not public] and said “this is a crime scene.” It is. This is a crime scene. A crime was done to this girl. This is not okay. It's just not okay. I don't know how anyone could look at that and think "great". No way.

Oh, [this] was funny: You know Olivia Maynard? He's obsessed with me, and he's concocted this story that I somehow, like, got an abortion, but it went wrong, and now I'm sterile… that's why I hate men who identify as women; I don't know… he's really freakin' nuts… but I thought [this post] was funny, so I [quote-tweeted] it, 'cause I live in his head rent-free.

[This post] from Flamin' Nora: “We must resist the normalisation of the idea of the 'transgender child'. Autogynephile (AGP) men, ie porn-sick men with a fetish, men with sexual paraphilia's, promote this idea to normalise their kink. Homophobic parents buy into this idea believing they can 'trans away the gay' when their children don't conform to gender stereotypes. Yes, its conversion therapy. Let kids be kids, let them explore and play, and when they reach puberty let them know that its normal to feel confused. Becoming a sexual being in this porn-soaked world is frightening, especially for girls. Our bodies, beliefs, opinions and ideas will continue to change from childhood to old age and no one can over-ride or control this natural process. No one, ever, changed sex. Get informed and resist.”

Oh, yeah, so this is some more tweets from Mars: “Karen Davis is on video 13. Obsessed much?–” (And someone made a really good point, a really good comment: You know, King Critical, he can make 15 videos about ContraPoints, but he's just "an intellectual", right? But Karen Davis makes a couple videos about the same people, and she's "obsessed".) “–Vanessa Vokey is on a tweeting spree about me.–” ✨ How would you know, Mars? I'm blocked! I can't [mention] you. So you've got people spying? You've got spies? You got informants? Like, shit, the amount of, like, work it takes to keep up this delusion: like, just block anybody and then have your informants tell you what they're saying, so that you can control the narrative, but they can't intervene and interject and say "no, that's not what I said!" or… 'kay. “–Please help me understand how this helps.–” I'm trying to get you to understand that you would be helping if you went the fuck away, and stopped lying to everyone, and desisted. I, obviously, know you can't detransition, because you're a medical patient for life, but you need to desist and leave the [pro-transition] cult. Then we can talk. Until then, you're a child groomer. And I will treat you with the same exact intent [as] I treat Sam Lux, Blaire White, Bruce Jenner, any of these other people. I have utterly no empathy for you, only contempt. Because you had a choice, and you chose wrong when you decided to proselytize to children and try to convince them to harm themselves too. And you won't listen to women when we're telling you that that's what you're doing. If you're too cognitively fucking stunted, like, actually mentally retarded, to understand that that's exactly what you're doing when you say that you were happy to get your breasts cut off, then you have no right to any position of authority in any movement in any association that deals with children. You're a mentally retarded sexual predator. That's who you are, Mars. I don't care. I don't care how you feel about it. I don't care if you think I'm being harsh. I'm just stating reality as I see it. “…There is no proof that I am a predator.–” 😐 Guys. D'you know what this is? This is her saying "she can't find any screenshots of me telling girls to transition". Well, not 1-on-1, but [Mars'] videos display that. The fact that you demand people call you "he/him" display that. The fact that you say that you're "happier" having your breasts cut off display[s] that: that you are a predator. Because you don't want to be alone in your misery! Misery loves company! This is your problem! Maybe you… aren't cognitively able to understand that that's what you're doing. But then you need to fucking listen to women who are actually not retarded. And trust our better judgement, because you, obviously, have bad judgement! 😀 You['ve] got shit judgement, girl! So listen to the women who haven't done stupid shit to themselves, and maybe trust our judgement. Because we're sane, and you're obviously not. And you actually need our help. But, no. You want to fight with us, because we want to safeguard children [from] predators like you.

「Vanessa, what is your opinion of the conversion therapy ruling in Canada?」—Ugh, [the] conversion therapy [ruling] in Canada is a fuckin' travesty. I'll also talk about an article that came out… I tweeted it, and it was from… WRDSB (Waterloo Region District School Board). I already talked about them, because they banned The Handmaid's Tale, which is really fuckin' ironic, because they filmed the TV show "The Handmaid's Tale" in Cambridge, in Waterloo region, my home town, where I went to school! And they had a "Banned Books Week" at Jacob Hespeler, my old high school. Outside the library, there was, like, a thing that said, like, "Banned Book Week" and it had, like, Catcher in the Rye, and Harry Potter, and all of these, like, To Kill a Mockingbird, like, all these books that have been banned or challenged at some point in history. And we could read them! It was, like, encouraged! You know? "Oh, yeah, all these books have been challenged by censorship—obviously, they have something in them that people didn't want people to know about, so what is it? What's so interesting? Why don't you read them for yourself and make your own decision? That's the way it was presented to me. And now they're taking [The] Handmaid's Tale out, and putting in creepy books about sex change, for children. In my home school district, where my nieces live. Where they will end up going to school, and I'm like "pfft"—I literally said this to my brother: I was like "you should just homeschool. this is nuts. you shouldn't even send them to school, if this is the kind of crap that they're gonna be doing."

Anyways. This is what [Mars] said on Twitter in regards to someone that was challenging her 1:31:38

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