We have reviewed the activity we have seen connected to your account. As a result, your account has been suspended because we believe this activity presents a risk to our eBay community. We do not make this decision lightly. Building a trusted marketplace where people around the world can buy and sell safely is our first priority.

This suspension is permanent and means that you will not be able to participate in any buying or selling activities on eBay. In addition, any other accounts that you own, or that are associated with this account, will also be suspended.

We regret the frustration or inconvenience this may cause you. However, there is no appeal for this decision.

If you have questions about this message, please click Help at the top of most eBay pages.

So, I opened a chat session…

> Welcome to eBay Live Help, my name is Dhruv. How may I help you?
> [Name] hope you are doing well today and thank you for using eBay platform

Hello, Dhruv. I was wondering why my account has been suspended?
It is listed as a permanent suspension, but no reason given

> I understand your concern and it is important to you and I would feel the same if this happens to me. Not to worry I will help you with my best capabilities.
> May i know do you want to purchase or sell on ebay?

I am a buyer/customer.

> Okay, let me check for the account

I had purchased several items as a Guest previously, and finally created an account today to ask a seller about an item

> Please don’t worry as I will explain why the account is restricted and how you can lift it. To resolve this, I'll simply ask a few questions regarding your account information and activities.
> You've done nothing wrong and have not been singled out this is just the verification procedure for the account. Now may I go ahead and ask you the questions?

Yes, thank you!

> [Name] your positive approach is highly appreciated to get your account reinstated.
> 1. What type of items would you like to buy? 2. If you bid on an item and won, how soon will you pay for it? 3. What mode of payment will you use? 4. If you have a verified PayPal account, could you be so kind to share your PayPal email address?

1. I buy mostly computers, electronics, and parts for my vehicle; 2. I always pay immediately via Mastercard
4. My PayPal e-mail address sholud be [email]

> Fantastic, let me look after the account so i can do something positive for you
> [Name] let me give you the surprise with the good news and the bonus tip for the account
> I’m happy to inform you that I have now reinstated your account and you will be able to use your account within 1 hours to maximum hours. You will be able to use your account for selling and buying activity. I would like to congratulate you as you have passed the verification process and your appeal has been approved

Thank you for your help.

> I hope I have resolved your query up to your expectations and you are highly satisfied. Is there anything I can help you with?

No; that is everything today.

> On eBay, we thrive to provide outstanding customer experience to our members. I am confident when you remember eBay service, you’ll remember my service. Have a great time ahead.
> Wish you a best buying experience on ebay

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