Sonoma County SO #191115-013

Sheriff's Press Release The protestors' flyer Excellent article (ft. mugshots!) (archive link) Informative thread Good article Facebook post from MIRI employee Facebook post from reunion attendee LessWrong ban Supposedly leaked legal discussion A sympathetic source familiar with the matter tells me that Ziz still hasn't got a lawyer, nearly 1½ years after the arrest date, and that the story behind this fact may be newsworthy

Transcript: Zelenko x Katzin, Apr 30th

Transcribed from Rabbi Aryeh Katzin: So we have an honor to have with us Dr. Zelenko and I would like to ask [the] Dr, please update us on your fight against COVID-19 and the latest experiences. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko: Yeah, thank you again for having me and for the opportunity [to] share my experience [with] the public. So, in my community, the infection rates have dropped significantly, thank …