We’re back. Here’s a quick summary of important events:

Running, this time, on RancherOS because there’s no reason for me to be doing anything as root on my machines (I’ll just break stuff lol).

Also, up, is a git server, which I intend to keep much more stable from here on out. (Pardon the jenky SSH access; but you don’t care about that yet anyway since it’s not got public account creation. haha.)

Next project connected to the git server: a CI server providing a super-duper easy interface to build Android apps with. Every SDK is a flaming nuclear cluster garbagefire, but at if it’s a) contained in a container, AND b) “out of sight, out of mind” (that is, I only interact with it by pushing code to my nice clean Git server), then that’s about as cancer-free as it’s going to get.

For those of you who have admirably failed to partake in Zuckerbook (consider me pre-doxed), thereby missing out on the (deeply regrettable) “Facebook Exclusive” content I’ve been producing, the paragraph to follow comprises my reparations (and I plan to not make any more FB-exclusive content from here on out). Then again, 99% of my “content” so far is just sharing links to articles, so I will most likely adopt a “batch” model like Scott’s, for sharing links (That is the best blog in the world, though; be sure to check it out if you haven’t. Those “Links” posts are just one part of the stuff he curates.)

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