Update 2020-05-08

🛈 vc changed the topic to: idk how that topic was set april fools i guess
–official IRC channel, ca. 8AM UTC

Now we just have to figure out whytf the servers are still down

R.I.P. the dream of ever having a reliable email server not run by a huge corporation

After he just finished fixing the servers barely over 2 weeks ago…

vc is hospitalized due to corona, and the feds took this chance to raid his servers again
–topic message, official IRC channel

If anyone has any information about this man, please contact me! You can either drop a comment below, or shoot me an email: <myfirstname>.edington@uah.edu

It doesn’t look like he had any contingency plans, either—wrt 8chan.co: inbound email is broken, outbound email has bad DKIM and SPF, the webmail has intermittent 504 errors (though otherwise “works”); and the “Status” server is outright dead.

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