Settlers of Catan house rules you might consider implementing:

  1. Players are permitted to display their cards to opponents, beyond the contents of already-agreed-upon trades [¬46204648]
  2. Building a settlement on an opponent's road does not interrupt it (w/r/t Longest Road) [¬4608]
  3. Players may trade cards without revealing them publicly (if they’re clever enough…)4639]
  4. Players may lose by negligence, if they fail to notice their victory condition during their turn and another player achieves victory in the interim [¬4616]
  5. Players may win on an opponent’s turn if they have the victory points (sorta conflicts with #5—not irreconcilably so, however!)
  6. Development Cards purchased during the Special Build Phase immediately before the Player's turn cannot be played until the Player’s next turn [¬4587]
  7. Victory Point cards are not exempt from the Development Card “same turn” restriction [¬4596]

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